Cheese is something that is so highly-revered in our society it really is no wonder there are SO many types of it to fulfill anyone's cheesy needs.

There are your "fancy" cheeses, your more crafty ones, your traditional ones, your cheap ones, your non-dairy ones and even your canned ones.

Even as someone who is lactose intolerant, I will risk my stomach comfort for the right cheese.

Some of my personal favorites are ones that I use to make charcuterie boards. Manchego is an incredible choice with just the perfect blend of flavors, textures and even a slight smokiness to it. I've also tried some more "fun" ones that you can find at an Aldi near you like "Whiskey Business" a whiskey-infused cheddar and other, often times, seasonal ones.

People love their cheese which is why Zippia looked into which cheeses were most popular across the 50 states.

Using Google Trends data, they were able to determine that the number-one cheese in America is a favorite across eight different states and it is...QUESO!

Now, I absolutely love Queso but I really would not have even thought of it as an option for a favorite cheese. That being said, it could have something to do with the fact that I am in Michigan where our favorite cheese is Swiss!

Along with us here in the Mitten, it looks like our choice in cheese is similar across the Midwest! Our neighboring states, Ohio and Wisconsin, as well as Minnesota all showed Swiss cheese as their favorite as well.

Overall, Swiss cheese ranked third when it came to it's popularity in America but someone should really check on Wyoming as they were the ONLY state to have cottage cheese as their favorite (insert gagging here). Also, maybe check in on Delaware while we're at it...their favorite cheese is sprayable...from a can....very concerning.

Where or what is your favorite cheese? Any homemade cheeses that are must-haves in Lansing?

Cheese is such a big part of our lives, here's a look at other foods that bring us the same amount of comfort and joy:

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