Don't get mad at me. I didn't come up with the name. As a matter of fact, it was almost a little off putting and a factor in me not getting it the first couple of times I'd seen it at Costco.

Then I saw it was organic and an almond dip. I figured they thought it justified the 8.99 price tag (online you can get a small tub for $5.00).

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I admit I was curious about it. And it was at Costco so if I bought it and didn't like it, I could have simply brought it back for a refund. But that was too much work and I could just stop at QD and grab ole reliable for way less that this stuff and know exactly what I was getting into.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

This particular trip to Costco I had a guy go past me with his cart semi full and at least FOUR CONTAINERS OF BITCHIN SAUCE in it.

So I asked.

"Hey man, is that stuff good? I mean I've wanted to try it."

His response..."Man look, I've got FOUR CONTAINERS in my basket. I saw it was back on the shelves so I had to stock up. I think that should answer your question."

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

Well played sir. He convinced me.

Now I'm telling you. It is...nope not gonna say it lol.

But it is really good. Spicy, smoky, creamy, like hummus as far as in texture but definitely less solid. Not as solid as a bean dip and more like a cheese dip. Nothing like I've had before. And that goes for the taste and the flavor. It is highly addictive. I had it with some blue corn tortilla chips and man, I think I went through half the tub by myself in a day.

This is an almond dip. So if you're allergic please stay away.

I have got to go get more. I don't think I'll be buying 4 of them. But I wouldn't say that would be out of the question.

They've got recipes and more at

Also, if you are ever at Costco or if you see THIS STUFF ANYWHERE...

Hope Foods via Amazon

This is a good buy too. If you like hummus, this one is a game changer. It's spicy avocado. It's got a kick and the flavor is out of this world. I've only seen it at Costco but I searched for the picture on Amazon. So I'm sure you'll be able to find it anywhere.

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