Chicken wars. First it was Popeye's Chicken Sandwich vs Chick-fil-a. Then McDonald's came back at breakfast with their McChicken Biscuit and Chicken McGriddles sandwiches. And LAST WE HEARD, KFC was working on Beyond Fried Chicken.

Move over chicken and waffles. Because, well then this happened.

They have been doing taste tests down south. But prepare yourself for mass distribution, consumption, and diabetes cause here comes the latest heart attack on a bun donut.

After a successful test run and some pretty insane demand, KFC has decided to make its Fried Chicken and Donuts a nationwide offering. You can start picking these up at your nearest participating KFC location beginning February 24. They'll only be sticking around until March 16 or until supplies last. (Delish)


If an extra crispy chicken breast has 530 calories, and if you paired that with, say, the 190 calories and 10 g of sugar that you get from a Krispy Kreme glazed donut, you’d net about 720 calories. That’s more calories than you’d get from two McChicken sandwiches at McDonald’s. And you could eat more than a pound of rotisserie chicken—crispy skin and all—for the same number of calories. (Men's Health)


And by the way, the above calculations for the donut chicken sandwich only accounted for one donut. If we add another, we're thinking this thing is 910 calories on the low end and that's if it's just donuts and chicken. And we haven't even started with the salt. 

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