Earlier this year, the City of Jackson's incumbent mayor, Derek Dobies, announced he would not be running for re-election come November of 2021. That means another democratic candidate could be in the running.

On November 2nd, 2021, voters of Jackson elected Mr. Daniel J. Mahoney to be their new mayor.

So who is he?

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Life Outside of Politics

According to the "Mahoney for Mayor" website, Mahoney and his wife, Semaj both were born and raised in Jackson and have a passion for helping out the community.

They also are members of the United People Community Church as well as dedicated members of the NAACP with Semaj being the secretary of the Jackson County Branch.

The Mahoneys have FIVE daughters making for a busy schedule but nothing keeps a #GIRLDAD down.

Community Involvement

According to the Mahoney for Mayor website, the Mayor-elect established and continues to facilitate what has now become "the city's largest back pack give away 'The Jackson Back 2 School Bash.'" Now, the Mahoneys also run a non-profit called Many Hands Community Services.

Through that non-profit, there are also other community resources facilitated.


Jackson-Area Political Involvement

Per the Jackson County website, Mahoney currently is serving his fourth term as the county's 7th District Commissioner. In that position he has taken on roles with a TON of boards and commissions at the local, state and national level (CLICK HERE).

Other accomplishments, featured on "Mahoney for Mayor", include renaming a Jackson street to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as well as authoring resolution that lead to the county's "County Equity Policy" and the establishment of a county-wide committee that handles anti-discrimination.

Let's Get Down to the Issues

Of course, with any political candidate, how they plan to tackle to issues you and your community care about is a big deal.

According to the Mahoney for Mayor website, here's six things the mayor-elect hopes to accomplish during his term:

  • Public Safety, more specifically, gun violence in Jackson. (Might we suggest asking Yardables to aid in that?)
  • Issues involving diversity, equity and inclusion for all Jackson residents.
  • Breathe new life into the city's neighborhoods
  • FIX THE DANG ROADS - need we say more?
  • Economic development through boosting small businesses, promoting entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Transparency with the community

What do You Think?

Of course, politics can be messy and dirty and (insert negative adjective here) but the best thing we can do is see the good our candidates want to do and push them towards that.

While, yes, it may seem they have all the power, we are the ones who elect them and we get to make our voices heard every step of the way.

It's always good to get some fresh faces in office, fresh ideas, etc. at any level and it seems that is what Mahoney will be bringing to Jackson.

Before we leave this off I wanted to say, this has not been an advertisement or anything of the sort. This is simply sharing information on Jackson's mayor-elect, reporting what is out there already and breaking it down for all of you. Feel free to go back, click the featured links and read up if you are interested in learning more!

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