Here we go. Another week and another scam, but this one is an old scam that is coming back around our area. According to WILX, the Ingham County Sheriff's Office is warning people about an old scam making new rounds as several deputies have gotten complaints about it.

The scam is one where the scammers call you to tell you that a loved one has been arrested and then they proceed to ask for money or gift cards to get that person out. This has apparently worked before as there are several victims of the scam in our area and the scam has taken thousands of dollars from people.

Just a note if you ever get a call like this.....the Ingham County Sheriff's Office, and most if not all police departments, will never call you demanding that you need to give them money. If this happens to you, hang up the phone immediately without giving the caller any information. Then the Ingham County Sheriff's Office tells you to look up the agency in which the scammer claims to be calling from, as the scammers may be calling from a number that will show up as Ingham County Sheriff's office.

More about the scam here, but again don't be giving away personal information or money to people you don't know over the phone.

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