Ever hear the term, you should never tell your co-worker what you make? Well, I'm here to say, the superintendent is not my co-worker, so I will not bite my tongue.

Now, this is a directory for all the public school districts in the state. It is an estimation of what the current superintendent's contract is. This information is collected by The Mackinac Center.

Heads up, just because it is in the directory, doesn't make it true.

I'd also like to drop a note before we begin our journey into the pockets of our children's superintendents. This is not supposed to be something to call out or diminish what each school superintendent does for their community by what they earn. This is not the twentieth century where we are in different social classes where one is better than the other. It's merely an information source.

The Lansing Public School District superintendent rakes in about $282,063 a year as of the highest-paid superintendent in Ingham County. The lowest-paid superintendent in Ingham County is from Williamston, only making about $32,295 a year in total.

I've got the official list of the Ingham County below:

1Lansing Public School District$282,063
2Okemos Public Schools$255,880
3Waverly Community Schools$255,768
4Haslett Public Schools$235,020
5Mason Public Schools (Ingham)$231,500
6Holt Public Schools$225,515
7Dansville Schools$224,659
8East Lansing School District$215,445
9Ingham ISD$198,000
10Webberville Community Schools$183,461
11Leslie Public Schools$161,222
12Williamston Community Schools$32,295

Below is Livingston County, and ironically, Stockbridge is in Ingham County, so I'm not too sure why that district got included in Livingston County's statistics. Below though is the rating of what the superintendent makes in that area. Brighton's superintendent makes $320,255 a year, whilst Pinckney's superintendent makes roughly $160,276 a year.
1Brighton Area Schools$320,255
2Hartland Consolidated Schools$236,529
3Howell Public Schools$227,950
4Stockbridge Community Schools$203,537
5Fowlerville Community Schools$187,353
6Pinckney Community Schools$160,276


I did not forget about Jackson County either, how could we? Western School Districts superintendent makes about $265,836, as the highest-paid superintendent in the area. The lowest-paid superintendent in the county is from Springport Public Schools, making about $137,180.

1Western School District$265,836
2Jackson Public Schools$228,355
3Northwest Community Schools$223,080
4Jackson ISD$211,637
5Napoleon Community Schools$194,174
6Grass Lake Community Schools$181,010
7Columbia School District$178,556
8Hanover-Horton School District$174,549
9Michigan Center School District$159,045
10Concord Community Schools$158,466
11Vandercook Lake Public Schools$157,546
12East Jackson Community Schools$154,652
13Springport Public Schools$137,180

As a closing reminder, this article was not meant to diminish what our superintendents do for our school systems. These people look after and make great decisions for our children.

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