If you live in the Spring Arbor area, you already know what an absolute treasure Laughlin's Slice of Spice truly is. However, to others it is a hidden gem that absolutely deserves to be found and loved by the masses.

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What Laughlin's Slice of Spice is all About

Those who have been there and those who visit for the first time can immediately recognize this place is special and is passionate about their pizzas!
According to their Facebook page, the restaurant is co-owned by Daniel and Mary Laughlin and they strive to "provide[s] consumers with a comfortable pizzeria where they can gather with family and friends to enjoy a good meal, a glass of wine or cold pint of ale, and welcoming staff who will soon know them by name."
Their pizzas are truly one-of-a-kind as they are made with Slice of Spice's "signature" dough and tomato sauce and each is baked in their wood-fired brick oven.

A Deliciously Delightful Ladies' Night

Living on the West Side of Jackson, just a short drive from Spring Arbor, I had heard of the amazing food and beverages at Slice of Spice but had never been to see for myself.

That all changed when one day me, my mom and two sisters had dinner there, just the four of us for a nice dinner, just us gals.

It was such an awesome, welcoming environment and the conversation just kept flowing, much like our wine, and even with our server, Megan.

She seemed so genuinely excited to be such an integral part to our experience and our time together, she even shared with us that not only was she pregnant, she was having twins! We even got to see her ultrasound pictures and she joined in the conversation as well.

They really were not kidding when they say the staff is welcoming and would soon remember your name as just the other day when my mom and I wanted to get together for dinner. We had no hesitation in picking where to go and we had the wonderful Megan as our server again, only this time a bit more pregnant!

She remembered us from the time before and showed us updated sonograms of the babies she keeps in her apron pocket. Her energy and magnetic personality just really adds to the experience and overall welcoming vibe of Slice of Spice.

What Your Experience Could Look Like

Laughlin's Slice of Spice - Spring Arbor, MI

Nestled at the end of a strip mall in Spring Arbor, is a little slice of heaven with wonderful staff and delicious brick-oven pizza!

An Instant Area Favorite

It is so wonderful to be able to share local restaurants with all of you, especially ones quickly becoming near and dear to my heart.

The Spring Arbor area is so lucky to have not lost this wonderful establishment during the COVID-19 pandemic and it is all thanks to Laughlin's Slice of Spice making some truly can't-miss food as well as being so welcoming and positive.

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