UPDATE: DeLuca's Restaurant in Lansing is officially going to be closing its doors. The last day will be Saturday, November 6th. 


We know that Lansing was so sad to hear the news that DeLuca's owners planned to sell the restaurant so that they could retire. DeLuca's has been a delicious part of Lansing's history and the community for so long now, we just couldn't bear losing it.

Well, time to dry up those tears, because we have great news: DeLuca's is officially staying open!

According to WLNS, DeLuca's Italian Restaurant has sold to new owners after going up for sale in mid-September.

The owners, while leaving DeLuca's open, do "plan to make their mark on Monday when they officially take over the restaurant business." No word yet on who these new owners even are, though. We're very interested to find out who they might be, and what other kinds of restaurant experience they may have.

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At this time, there's no news on what, if any, kinds of changes they may make. WILX reports that for now, "employees currently working at the restaurant will stay on staff."

It's wonderful to see a piece of Lansing history remain. DeLuca's Italian Restaurant has been a part of Lansing since back in 1960 when it was a neighborhood bar: Willow Bar. Willow Bar served up pizza alongside cold brews. And once their pizza popularity grew, Willow Bar turned into DeLuca's Italian Restaurant, and they've been serving up delicious pizza pies ever since.

We're curious to see what these new owners have in store. What kinds of food and elements of the old DeLuca's are they going to keep? Or, will they do a complete overhaul? Here's hoping they leave some pieces of Lansing history. Let us know what you think by sending us a message with the station app.

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