A lot of people aren't going to understand why this is important. They aren't going to understand why this means so much "especially" to people of color. People who wear hairstyles that go beyond fashion, but represent them and their culture. It is an expression of who and what they are.

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Chicago Cultural Center Highlights Hair's Importance In African American Culture
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Discrimination comes in many forms. Biases based on creed, color, religion, sex, sexuality, and yes...even hair.

Discrimination based on hair texture is a form of social injustice, found worldwide, that targets black people, specifically black people who have afro-textured hair that has not been chemically straightened. Afro-textured hair has frequently been seen as being unprofessional, unattractive, and unclean. (Wikipedia)

Remember this?

Did you hear about this one?

These stories told from prominent African American women about their experiences in the workplace OVER THEIR HAIR.

And if you're still thinking to yourself it's just hair what's the big deal, exactly. Why would someone's job or lively hood be threated because of their natural hairstyle?

Why is this even a point of contention or debate? Frankly it's shocking that we even have to put legislation or rules in place to protect people over it. But thankfully we are here.

The resolution protects employees who wear their hair naturally or in styles like braids, weaves, and twists. Commissioners do not have the power to enact a ban on hair discrimination in the county for private businesses. (WILX)

Please take a moment to read the article "Is Hair Discrimination Race Discrimination" by the American Bar Association.

Implementation and enforcement of the CROWN Act will force employers and schools across the United States to take a closer look at their facially neutral grooming and appearance policies and their disparate impact on African Americans and other minorities. (ABA)

And my girl India Arie sums is all up in a song...

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