As the whirlwind of mask mandates, CDC recommendations, and Michigan Health Department orders have changed and been tweaked over the past week, Michigan workers have been left in a grey area because of workplace rules set by MIOSHA, the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration. MIOSHA has now attempted to clarify the rules to allow workers to go maskless if they've been vaccinated.

According to the MIOSHA website:

MIOSHA will soon post updated workplace rules reflecting the CDC's recent guidance on face masks for fully vaccinated people. Until then, MIOSHA will consider compliance with the MDHHS order as good faith to comply when responding to employee complaints or conducting investigations related to COVID-19.

So, what does 'good faith' compliance mean as far as workers go? A plain reading would seem to indicate that as long as businesses and workers are complying with MDHHS orders, they would be in the clear until new rules are codified.

But once again, Michigan businesses are left holding the bag and hoping that they can take MIOSHA at their word. As such you may still encounter mask requirements at your workplace as businesses operate out of an abundance of caution. Plus private businesses are still free to decide on their own rules, so they can decide whether or not workers and patrons need to be masked up.

As part of the recent update in guidelines, both the CDC and MDHHS have stated that fully vaccinated persons can go maskless in nearly all situations, even indoors. Current MIOSHA emergency rules still state that all employees need to mask up when indoors.

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