This is mainly for Visa and Master Card gift cards. Your Applebee's card will still have to be spent at that hell. Seriously, every time someone gets me a card from there, I ask them why? Why would they do that to me?

Yesterday, I was going through my wallet and I had a stack of gift cards. Some, I thought were empty or only had a few cents. By the end of the day, I had over 217 bucks to spend at Amazon.

They were all Visa Gift Cards and some were harder than others to discover the balance. Some have a number on the card to call, those are the best. Others, like Green Dot, make you give up some pretty private info just to see the balance. After this experience, I won't be buying ANYONE a Green Dot gift card EVER AGAIN. I was happy to take the money off the cards before they expired and the "bank" takes back the unspent money.

Once you find out the balance, you go to Amazon.

In the upper left hand corner, you click the button to the left of the Amazon logo and scroll down to Gift Cards. I used the reloadable one so I could keep adding cards on to it.

Cards with metal background.

There you type in the specific amount left on your gift card. Then, you click ADD PAYMENT option. Type in your card number, info and blam. You just got some Amazon shopping money.

I think I went like 20 minutes before I spent some of it... Then all of it.
Seriously. I thought maybe I had 20 bucks but 5 cards got me over 200 bucks...

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