These days it is always great if we can find a way to make extra cash especially with fall and the holidays right around the corner.  I have a lot of friends who have a little side hustle to make up for money lost from the pandemic.

I like to do fun things with any extra cash I make. Maybe plan a little trip, spend a day in a casino, love to play cards or sit at a video poker machine enjoying a beverage, or just buying something fun that I don't need.

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Well, here is a great fun way you can make some extra cash next month by yourself or with friends and family. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is encouraging Michiganders to explore the great outdoors and make some extra moolah.

How To Make Easy Cash Outdoors

According to in September, Michiganders can go out and pick red pine cones and then bring them to DNR. Wow, how cool is that?

If you collect a bushel of red pine cones you can make $75.00, that is a nice chunk of change.

The DNR says pine cones are found in downed trees, squirrel caches and in state forests. They advise picking red pine cones from living trees whose branches reach near the ground.

Here is How To Register

Here is the deal, you have to register as a vendor to get your cash when dropping off red pine cones.

So, let's get busy, get some fresh air next month, and make some green in our great state.

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