You know that we have the Cash Code now with your chance to score up to $5,000, so I want to tell you all of the interesting and crazy things you could buy at the MSU Surplus store with it if you win. Just a note that everything I mention is all under $5,000, so you can conceivably buy most of the things and maybe still have money left over.

First, if you are a sports fanatic or a Spartans fanatic, there are so many cool Spartan-themed things available to buy. If you want a piece of the MSU Practice court, you can buy that for $375 and hang it up somewhere or collect a few more pieces for your own Spartan basketball court. Plus, have you ever wanted an actual piece of Spartan Stadium? Well, now you can buy your own gate. Yes, you can buy the sign "Gate L," and it is in very good condition too for only $500. Plus, you can celebrate the Spartans' 2015 Cotton Bowl win with your own banner for $750; check it out here.

Here is by far the craziest thing you could buy for $5,000, and it is for biggest MSU Spartans fan or a fan of hockey. It's the dasher boards from the MSU hockey team. You will need a forklift to get it all to your house or wherever you want it. But the Lot includes one aluminum dasher board system, which is all wall panels, all plexiglass shielding, penalty box and bench door panels, aluminum goal set ups, and all necessary netting and cabling. You can check it out here and start building your own ice hockey rink.

So now that you went through all of the sporting stuff you can buy, how about checking out some things for the office? If you need a conference table, they are selling a 14 foot long table for $200, but you will need a long truck to get this home. Plus, if you need to make your meetings better, you can get a computer projector. It's only $350, so not a bad deal. This next item has nothing to do with the office, but you can definitely give your house some style with a Quartz Turntable originally designed for radio and broadcasting use. You can still hook it up to speakers and get great high quality sound from it! Also, it's just cool to have something vintage like this in your home. Check it out here. The only thing that is bad is that it is $3,000.

I'm a big fan of random furniture, and having a church pew in your house sounds kind of random. You can buy one or all 6 vintage pews available in sizes ranging from 8.5 feet to 10 feet. They are $150 each and an easy way to create your own congregation in your house or your backyard; check it out here.

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