For $20 an hour, I'll go work at Cedar Point. I can still work here remotely, right?

Many places are raising their hire in rates, in hopes to get more employees. Places like Meijer, Walmart, and Target have raised their hire in rates. But not as much as Cedar Point has.

This is actually a new attempt for Cedar Point to get more people to hire in right now. Like most places right now, Cedar Point is struggling to bring in new hires and workers. CEO Richard Zimmerman said that bringing the new wage to $20 an hour is actually bringing in some new employment for the park.

“We’ve seen great response over the last few weeks as we raised our wages,” Zimmerman spoke at the 2021 Goldman Sachs Travel & Leisure Conference. “We’ll continue to add back hours and add back days as we get deeper into June.”

The amusement park hopes that with the more new hires, the later and more days they'll be able to add on to the park's schedule.

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At this time, the park is closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays through June 23. Most day's the park can be seen closing as soon as 8 pm as well.

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