If being locked down during quarantine has had any benefits, it's being able to grow your hair, since you can't necessarily get a haircut; because a Michigan contest has given that "long hair - don't care" attitude a chance to win some money, through the Michigan Mullet contest.

The 2020 Michigan Mullet Man contest kicked off in June at the men's clothing store, The Bridge Street Exchange in Fenton, MIOver 130 participants drove to Bridge Street Exchange in Fenton during the month of June to participate in the first-ever Michigan Mullet Man contest.

The first of its kind contest received entries from contestants that were as young as 2 years old all the way up to 55+. There were even a few ladies who came in to show off their luscious female mullet locks. In one day alone, over 50 people drove to Bridge Street Exchange, some driving more than 2 hours to participate.

The contest was sponsored by Detroit Grooming Company and Sauvercito and featured a $500 cash prize for 1st place, but they had prizes for 2nd and 3rd place as well. 

The eccentric premise went viral, and they've just announced their top 3 winners of the mullet contest, which as you can see, these guys have probably been living the mullet life (business up front, party in the back) for more than just the months of quarantine.


Courtesy of MulletChamp.com
Brian "Big County" W - 1st Place - Courtesy of MulletChamp.com
Matt D - 2nd Place - courtesy of MulletChamp.com
Matt D - 2nd Place - courtesy of MulletChamp.com
Randy B - 3rd Place - Courtesy of MulletChamp.com
Randy B - 3rd Place - Courtesy of MulletChamp.com

Kevin Begola (Founder of the USA Mullet Championships) plans to take this Michigan based contest nationwide next time. So if you, or a family member, want to be included next time, because you could have totally won, follow them on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mulletchamp/ to know when to show off your locks.

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