Potholes! They are everywhere! And in addition to being annoying, some of them are downright dangerous! While we wait for warmer weather so they can be fixed on a more permanent basis, we have to suffer through them . Drive around them. Try to avoid them. But sometimes, they get us. And sometimes, they cause some pretty serious damage. To tires and rims especially. Did you know you can try to file a claim for damage? It's a pretty tedious process. There are forms and such. And let's be honest, a majority of them will be denied. They even state that on the page from MDOT! But if you're interested in giving it a shot, here's what you have to look forward to.

(Source: MDOT)

How do I file a claim for damages to my vehicle?

Please be advised that the majority of claims are denied under governmental immunity laws, MCL 691.1402 and MCL 691.1403.

Highway defect claims (including potholes) should only be submitted to MDOT if damage occurred on a state trunkline (M, I or US route), not local or county roads. If you have questions about road jurisdiction, contact your local MDOT region office or county road commission.

To file a claim with the appropriate region office, follow the procedure below:

  • Download Form 3600
  • Print and completely fill out the form
  • Sign and notarize the form
    Note: Incomplete and unnotarized forms will be returned
  • Attach supporting documentation
  • Keep a copy for your records
  • Return form and documentation to the MDOT region office located in the county where the incident occurred

Claims under $1,000
Upon receipt of your damage claim under $1,000, MDOT will investigate the incident. Investigations typically take at least 90 days. Please be advised that the majority of defect claims are denied under governmental immunity laws.

Claims of $1,000 or more
If your alleged damage claim is $1,000 or more, you can recover only by filing a lawsuit against MDOT. You should consult a private attorney if you want to pursue this option.

And hopefully, in the not too distant future, pothole repairs in the future will be done quick, fast, and in a hurry! Peep this technological dream machine! Don't know if it's real, but this videos existence means there should be a prototype in the works right? Right?

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