If you have been near or on MLK Blvd in the last few weeks, you probably noticed the construction there. Well, it's going to be even bigger in the next few weeks. According to WILX, starting today (Thursday) MDOT is going to be repaving MLK between Edgewood Boulevard and Victor Avenue in Lansing. There will be no signals on the road during this time, and MDOT will close down one side of the road leaving the other with two one-lane roads going in both directions. In addition, the center left-turn lane will stay open during construction.

Now that work has started, get ready for the bigger part of the construction which is to repave the entire stretch of MLK Blvd. This is part of the $4.6 million project to help repave MLK, which is very much needed as the road is littered with potholes. They will be working day and night on the project through November 15th, and when this is done, construction and repaving will start on Waverly and I-496, most likely next year.

So if you use MLK Blvd, you might want to find another road to use—at least for the next two months, but you can see more on it here.

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