So I know how we all love lists but this one is quite interesting as it ranks all of the towns, cities, ect in Michigan from safest to not so safe.

The list was made up by, and they got the list by averaging the amount of property crime, violent crime, and total crime in each Michigan town. The average of the top 10 cities are fractions but that is good as you have a less chance of being a victim of crime.

Here is the top 10 and just know if you live in a town next to one of these top 10 places, your town is probably near the top as well.

  1. Gaines Township
  2. Raisin Township
  3. Lapeer Township.
  4. Thetford Township.
  5. Grosse Ile Township.
  6. Spring Arbor Township.
  7. Kinross Township.
  8. Grand Ledge.
  9. Hamburg Township.
  10. Milford

Just a heads up, other Mid-Michigan towns made the top 100 such as East Lansing (#97) and Mason (#50) along with St. Johns (#32). To check out the full list, its here

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