It's starting to get more sunny and warmer and that means its time for ICE CREAM! Even though you can get ice cream whenever its something about home made ice cream from a shop that makes it better.

Along with the well known Michigan flavor - Superman, Michigan also has tons of ice cream shops open now or all year. Most of the places are close to Lansing or in the Mid-Michigan area (Except for Moomers in Traverse City).

Of course since the MSU Dairy Store store is only minutes away you can get a scoop and enjoy some great flavors like;  Maize and Berry Pie, Buckeye Blitz with peanut butter ice cream and more.

Some of the great Michigan Ice Cream Shops include:

  • Sherman's Dairy Bar, South Haven
  • Ray's Ice Cream, Royal Oak
  • Treat Dreams, Ferndale
  • Burk's Igloo, Hamtramck
  • Guernsey Farms Dairy, Northville

To check out the full list of the best ice cream shops in Michigan check it out here. 

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