This is another phone scam that has gone nationwide over the last few weeks, it's called the "Can you Hear Me" scam and it the title says it all.

The "Can Your Hear Me" scam was first reported on the East Coast in Virginia and New Jersey but has expanded around other states not on the East Coast. The scam is essentially a phone call, and the person or recording will say "Hello can you hear me" or "Can you hear me?" if the person who was called answers says "Yes" or some variation of Yes, the scammer will have enough. According to this report from CBS, the scammers will  use your voice to affirm purchases and apparently if you try to fight it they have a recording of you saying "Yes".

Police say to avoid this scam, follow this advice.

    1. Do not answer the phone from numbers you do not recognize.
    2. Do not give out personal information.
    3. Do not confirm your number over the phone.
    4. Do not answer questions over the phone.

And finally this piece of advice: Hang up the phone and call police instead.


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