Now this may not be an "official" term, but I have recently been calling my mental state "quarantine brain" and you might have it too!

I have been in therapy for the better part of a year now and am so thankful to have my therapist to turn to in times like this, but there have been times where I've been anxious, paranoid, forgetful or even just downright over-emotional.

Here are some tips she gave me and some things I have found to help me ease my mind that may help you too!

'Quarantine Brain' Cures

I know a lot of these may seem kind of "common sense" but I also know I needed a little bit of a reminder for some of these!

As far as my favorites, I have been turning to comedy a lot. And thanks to Netflix releasing new stand-up specials, it has been pretty easy!

I have also been setting time limits for my news intake and it does help feel less like things are absolutely spiraling every second of every day.

Like I said, I'm no professional but hopefully something in here helps you ditch "quarantine brain."

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