After meeting a reading challenge, students at Grand Traverse Academy has their teachers jump in Lake Michigan.

I'm sure these teachers and their principal were hoping that the students would have met the challenge a week earlier when the weather was a little warmer, but a deal is a deal.

These teachers set a reading goal for the students at the school to hit, and the students lived up to their end of the bargain, so on a chilly morning late last week, the teachers ran into the chilly bay to pay off the agreement.

"We are so proud of them. What we’re most proud of, that is not an atypical month of reading for our kids. Our kids read all the time. That’s why we perform so well,"   Superintendent Jim Coneset told UpNorthLive.

"We came out just to have a little fun moment in a time when it’s hard to have fun. Get them out here and watch us jump in the bay!”

FYI -- the kids read over 170,000 pages to force the dunking. Pretty impressive

If only the water temperatures weren't hovering around 40 degrees, it might have been a joy to behold.

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