This insanity started earlier today and I really paid it no mind.

My friend Stephanie posted something on Facebook, I saw it, and tried to make out what it was but quickly lost interest as I couldn't figure out what I was looking at.

Stephanie KD via Facebook
Stephanie KD via Facebook

I mean it says popcorn salad but I couldn't make out what was in the bowl. Turns out that was the mayo, sour cream, and mustard base/dressing that would be used to make this monstrosity.

Behold it's creation with your own eyes.

There's a Food Network video where a woman named Molly Yeh makes what she calls "an iconic Midwestern dish." It's a salad made with veggies, mayo, and — you guessed it — popcorn. (Buzzfeed)

Iconic Midwestern dish?!? Michigan is Midwest. I have been to plenty of functions and I have seen and eaten my fair share of bland potato salads and the like. I've even had the misfortune of people putting apples and grapes and nuts in chicken salad (it's terrible and your should stop, you know who you are). I've had ambrosia salad. I've had Jello with carrots and other weird things in it.

This right here is something "nother" else.

Peep the look on her face after she tastes her creation. That is not selling it for me.

And her friend at the end speaks for us all when she says, "I have never heard of popcorn salad".

Cause it's popcorn and mayo and veggies. Who does that?

But then I went down the rabbit hole on YouTube and guess what I found?

And even though the ingredients aren't necessarily the same, the sentiment is. And this comes from 2013.

BTW, the internet is not having it in any of it's forms.

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