Of course Lake Superior is the largest and most rollicking of the Great Lakes, so you shouldn't expect anything less than this raging whitewater creek that is roaring into Lake Superior.

You've likely never seen, heard of or encountered this water as it's not in Michigan. Rather you're looking at the northern shores of the lake near Thunder Bay, Ontario and MacKenzie Creek.

Check out this video shared on the Superior Pics of the Lake Superior Region Facebok group:

The video really shows off the intensity of the whitewater as picked up in several comments:

Actually kind of frightening to see how powerful the water looks!

it sure is. You could feel the intense energy of the river.

Incredible and beautiful! Wow!

Beautiful- but scary.

I had to do some digging to learn about this waterway and its location. It's about a dozen miles north of Thunder Bay and the outflow of MacKenzie Creek which contains an impressive waterfall. There are plenty of videos of that on YouTube, but none of the whitewater that is the outflow of the creek where it meets Lake Superior.

While it's not a natural wonder we can claim as Michigan, it's pretty darn close, as the shores of Isle Royale are only 35 miles south.

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MacKenzie Falls Near Thunder Bay

Check out these drone videos that showcase the falls upriver from the whitewater near the mouth.

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