I was going to say this is getting out of hand but this franchise has gone off the rails several years ago.

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I legit think it was this part in Fast & Furious 7 that may have done it for me. The car jumping from building to building in Dubai. Yeah. This.

Please note here in this scene that Paul Walker is telling Vin Diesel that, "cars don't fly". God rest you soul PW but that's some tremendous foreshadowing for Fast and Furious 9. Because if you've seen the trailers they don't only intend for them to fly, but to fly in space.

As a matter of fact, they consulted experts on it.

(Director) Lin says going into space was a Fast idea that he’s “kicked around for years” but that he “wanted to find the right emotional arc to make it more than just a gimmick.” Finally, with F9 he found that.

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I skipped F8 completely because of the submarine scene in the trailer.

And now after SEVERAL DELAYS AND PUSHBACKS, we get Fast and Furious 9 June 25th...unless...nah, I'm not gonna jinx it.

There's John Cena, jet planes, gratuitous use of giant magnets, Charlize Theron, Helen Mirren, Vin Diesel, and Ludacris and Tyrese in old school deep sea diving pressure suits in a car strapped to a plane with rockets on it appearing to be launched into space.


And no. I'm done.

Word is there are supposed to be two more Fast and Furious movies to finish up the franchise.

This one goes to 11.

I wish it wouldn't.

Can we just get back to the street racing aspect of it and not Triple X on steroids? Where do we go next?

F10 versus X-Men?

Wait...I'd watch that.

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