Much like a video game, you can't always win at love—but there's always hope for a rematch.

On "Do It Again," Tokyo's electro-rap mannequin duo FEMM team up with Los Angeles pop princess LIZ for a sparkling, bittersweet ode to romantic do-overs with a playful nod to the princesses and damsels of retro '80s console games. Over a twinkling soundscape of sugary melodies, glitching beats and bright electronica, the three girls harmonize about broken hearts and second chances:

"I never meant to doubt you / But I've been so numb / I'm not myself without you / And I keep listening to that sad song / I don't feel a thing... / You played me right, from start to end / But I'd let you do it again / You loved me hard, you broke my heart / But I'd let you do it again..."

While it's a universal sentiment, the quirky video for the track is not nearly as down to earth as its subject matter. A colorful concoction of pastels, giant bows, turtles, and "fake 3D" effects, the clip is pure Tokyo eye candy—and it's the sweetest thing.

Watch below:

"Do It Again" featuring LIZ is available internationally on May 3.

Meet the Reigning Queens of J-Pop:

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