While the executive order the governor Gretchen Whitmer had signed, which temporarily banned evictions, is ending Wednesday, WOODTV reports that there is a new program out there with $50 million to help with rental assistance.

During the coronavirus pandemic, in Michigan, there’s been an executive order that wouldn’t allow landlords to evict tenants for not paying rent. As of Wednesday, that changes, but as part of an $880 million spending bill to address cut the COVID-19 pandemic here in Michigan, $50 million of assistance will be available for landlords to help pay the rent of tenants that can’t pay.  The hope is those people are able to remain in their homes while the country continues to see positive COVID-19 cases soar.

In order to receive the rent assistance, there are a few stipulations that landlords must adhere to.   WOODTV says landlords can’t evict their tenants because of debt that occurred during the pandemic, they must also waive late fees and forgive a certain amount, but then they will receive a lump sum of money for the tenant’s outstanding rent debt.

According to the press release at Michigan.gov, any tenant who still owes back rent and isn’t covered by the rental assistance program, can and will be entered into “manageable payment plans facilitated by Supreme Court Administrative Order 2020-17.”

You can find out more info on the rental assistance, aka 'Eviction Diversion Program', here.

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