When you buy your groceries and pay using your ATM/debit card, there's always the option of getting CASH BACK. And it usually doesn't involve a fee.

At Kroger, that's no longer the case.


So here's how it works out. According to a tweet from Kroger:

Cash back at Kroger:

Less than $100 bucks, it's a .50 cent fee if you don't have a Kroger card. If you do, they waive that fee.

You want more than a hundred bucks and up to $300 bucks, its gonna cost you $3.50 without a Kroger card. And just $3.00 if you do have one.

So there is a fee. And you can have that fee waived and or discounted, depending on how much cash back you want back and if you have a Kroger card.

No reason has been given as to why they are starting to charge this fee.

They stated in another tweet that they are providing this service to help SAVE you money (in ATM fees) and that it is indeed safer and more convenient to do this in the store while you're buying your groceries.

So a safety and convenience fee? Will other stores soon follow suit?

(Source credit: WILX)

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