Face mask or no face mask?

It's really kind of amazing that at this moment in time, one of our biggest debates is whether or not you're wearing one of these.

If you choose to believe the science. The doctors. The numbers.

Or if you don't. You don't see it and you don't get it. You hate the mask. You will believe and do everything contrary to it. It's a hoax. An inconvenience. It makes it harder to breathe. They really don't do anything.

This particular part of the pandemic has even escalated to violence.

Honestly I've never heard the word tyrant used more in my life.

It is your choice on whatever side of this argument you fall. But if you are against wearing it, I fear the tide might be against you.

As numbers go up and spike even higher after we have reopened the country, mask requirements and mandates have become the new norm. Stricter guidelines and enforcement are being put into place.

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But let's talk about if you WANT to wear a face mask. For you, your kids, the elderly and sick people in your life.

As with most ppe, you might not be able to find masks and/or afford them.

If you're in Lansing Saturday morning, you can get face masks for free. Numbers are limited. Details below.

The Lansing chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the nation’s first historically African-American intercollegiate Greek-lettered fraternity, will distribute 1,000 free disposable masks to Lansing residents from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Kroger grocery store located at 921 W. Holmes Rd. and at LaRoy Froh Apartments located at 2400 Reo Rd. from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday June 27, 2020.



The Michigan Chinese American Coalition purchased non-medical masks to donate to the community. Members of Alpha Phi Alpha will practice social distancing while distributing the masks to residents. All members of the public are welcome to visit one of the sites to receive a mask, which are limited to three per person(APA Press Release)

Sparrow Hospital has partnered with Alpha Phi Alpha and donated hand sanitizer to be distributed also.

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