***Breaking News***

How's you Friday Summer Solstice going?

We'd wager much better than Cardi B who was reportedly indicted today on 14 charges...including felony assault, conspiracy, & harassment okkkkuuuuurr!!!

Cardi B was indicted Friday on multiple felony charges related to a brawl at a New York strip club last August, according to news reports. (Huffpost)

The rapper was arrested late last year and charged with two misdemeanors over the fight at Angels Strip Club on Aug. 29. She allegedly ordered an attack on two women, according to TMZ.

Apparenty, she rejected a plea deal early on through her lawyer. He maintains she didn't cause any harm to anyone (Cardi ain't do nothin' to nobody...Cardi voice lol).

Her next hearing date is Aug. 9 owwwwwww.

This story is breaking and developing as of Friday morning, 06/21/2019. We'll keep you in the loop. Please check back later for updates.

(Source credit: Huffpost and TMZ)


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