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You know, please and thank you will get you a lot further in the new year. This is not how you should be kicking off 2019.

Let's go to St. Petersburg, Florida. Where a homeless man got into an argument with a cashier at McDonald's. Over, of all things, straws. Words flew. Tempers flared. And then he made a critical mistake. He put his hands on her. And the rest...well they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Luckily for us, we have video.

***Warning: Violence and language.***

Video: FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay via YouTube

He put his hands on her and after she defended herself (well I might add), he was asking for her job. Didn't work out so well for him. Per the description from the YouTube video.

A homeless Clearwater man has been arrested after allegedly assaulting two fast food clerks in a fight over straws, then trying to rob a gas station down the street.

Footage recorded by another customer shows a man -- later identified by police as Daniel Taylor -- reaching across the counter of a McDonald’s on 34th Street South in St. Pete on New Year’s Eve. He grabs a young female clerk by the collar and pulls her over to him, but she lands several blows to his face and arms before another employee separates them.

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