Honestly, you couldn't pay me to fly right now. In the middle of a pandemic? And I know the lure of super cheap flights is there but I'm not willing to risk it in the age of Covid-19.

Knowing that and how folks are on high alert and super anxious when flying, I'm definitely going to be skipping taking a trip on a plane anywhere.

People are misbehaving on flights so bad, that airlines are increasing punishments and fines.

The FAA last week said it would fine travelers the maximum $35,000 for unruly behavior, instead of a usual procedure of a warnings. FAA Administrator Steve Dickson’s order on Wednesday came after the series of reports of flight disruptions by what appeared to supporters of President Donald Trump and more cases of travelers who refuse to wear masks. (CNBC)

After watching this video of passengers trying to board a flight to Atlanta from Detroit, I'm thinking that we start with fines, getting put on the no-fly list, and add in charges for assault.

This dispute apparently was over bags and the size of carry-ons.


And after all this, how did you think it was going to end? You beat up the gate agents, get on the plane, and they fly you to Atlanta?

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What could a gate agent of said or done for you to do this?

You knew those bags were too big before you got all the way to the gate.

Where did you think you would go after this happened?

You've just attacked an employee of the airline you wish to fly on. And now airport security, the police, and the FEDERAL Aviation Administration will get involved.

How do folks lose their minds over simple stuff like this?

Bag too big? Check it. You might be upset at the price but you're flying and you knew this could be part of the equation.

This is why I'm not flying. Covid and people.

Also of note, they need to pay gate agents more money and hazard pay to deal with stuff like this.

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