When I was a kid one of my favorite places to visit was the library. I grew up in a small town called Greenville, Mississippi. The library was downtown and my mom knew I loved it. So much so that she would often drop me off down there and let me stay for hours. I would explore every corner of the building. Read. Learn to love the smell of old books. They had an extensive record collection there. So I often borrowed albums of all types of music. I have to admit had it not been for that library in Greenville, I never would have discovered Queen and Freddie Mercury. And a DJ was born.

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Behold The Percy Library in Greenville, MS.

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This place meant a lot to me. Not just the books and the building, but the people. The librarians who worked there helped me so much to learn how to find books and "The Dewey Decimal System". Amazed I even remember that without using Google.

They helped me to learn to love reading and books. For that I am eternally grateful.

In Mid-Michigan (Lansing) we have the Capital Area District Libraries. So many branches and so many folks who love reading and books and love to share that with people of all ages.

One of those folks is Librarian Jessica Trotter. She's not just a Librarian. She's THE LIBRARIAN.

CADL/Capital Area District Libraries/Michigan Library Association
CADL/Capital Area District Libraries/Michigan Library Association

The Public Librarian of the Year Award recognizes outstanding library professionals that inspire people, provide innovative library service to their community, promote collaboration among libraries, and show evidence of personal and professional achievement as well as initiative and creativity.


“Jessica is an amazing resource to CADL, the community it serves, and both the statewide and national landscape of Readers Advisory and collection development services,” stated Scott Duimstra, Director of Capital Area District Libraries. “She is a humble and dedicated leader, serving on the Board of Directors for Library Reads, and has chaired the MLA Fantastic Fiction group, the MCLS Overdrive Consortium Committee overseeing and spearheading collection growth from 1.4 million checkouts in 2017 to over 2 million in 2019. (MLA Awards Press Release 2020)

Congratulations from your CADL family, library patrons from all over Mid-Michigan, and Townsquare Media.

We encourage you to read with your kids. Take them to the library. Get them a library card. Get lost in books.

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