I am not proud of this, but I will admit it I guess. But I don't want to...

I once checked a library book out and I never took it back. Now don't grab the phone and call the authorities because the statute of limitations has long passed.

I was pretty young and I went to the library and found a book about magic. Not like turning someone into a toad (however, there have been times over the years I would've liked to have possessed that power) I should say it was a book about magic tricks. Like sleight of hand with coins and balls and tricks with birds and even how to make an elephant disappear!

Now I knew I could swing the coins and balls (even though I wasn't that great at sleight-of-hand anyway) but I pretty much knew Mom and Dad wouldn't buy me a bird so that meant an elephant was out of the question.

Anyway, it seems that the only magic trick that I was able to perfect was to make a book disappear from the library.

That wasn't a joke, that just seems to be the truth.

Anyway now that I've opened up the wound of guilt of that situation, the moral of the story is that while "I" didn't return the book, my Mom did after she found it. Yep, she took it back with some of her then not overdue books and paid the fine. To finance that fine, the pittance of an allowance I got for chores was snatched away for what seemed like years and the chores were ramped up to elephant sized proportions for what seemed like years.

Anyway the reason for this whole story is that News 10 reports that there is only seven days left for National Library Card Sign-Up Month and just in case you weren't aware, we have a terrific library system known as CADL or Capital Area District Libraries.

And here's something even better, if you live in the area of your Capital Area District Library, your membership is free.

Get more info here from News 10 and get out and enjoy our great library system, CADL!

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