So many business are struggling right now the the pandemic, and my heart goes out to them. It has to be so scary.  Restaurants and bars are not the only ones hurting. There is a business in East Lansing that has been around since 1969 that is trying to stay alive.

Ray Walsh started selling books in East Lansing in the same year Apollo 11 went to the moon. Curious Book Shop in downtown East Lansing has been a staple in the community. has a quote from Ray who was talking about how he got started in the industry.

"I started selling science fiction paperbacks because that was what I was familiar with, and then there wasn’t any used bookshop in East Lansing or Lansing that handled that type of stuff. And so, I had a garage sale, and all of a sudden, I was swamped with people saying, 'Hey! Have you got any more? So I ran a classified ad and I came across a person with 1,000 science fiction paperbacks, and all of a sudden I was a book dealer," said Walsh, owner of Curious Book Shop and Archives Book Shop.

It has been incredibly tough in 2020 for Ray to stay open, and I think it's so cool that two of his employees started a go fund me page for the book store. The goal is to reach $100,000 and they are little over a quarter of the way there. So if you want to help feel free to make a donation.

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