Mackenzie Smith is only 7, but she is telling her story about life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Lansing girl has published a book about her life during the pandemic titled "My New Normal". Mackenzie wanted to talk about how her life, along with so many other children, had changed to a new type of "normal. She started writing the book along with her grandmother in August, and by the end of November it was published on Amazon.

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Mackenzie, also known as "Kenzie", had her life changed with the pandemic. In the book she expresses how she is adjusting to doing things a new way especially constant hand-washing and mask wearing.

“The book is mostly about how coronavirus started to affect my life. And just how I want people to stay safe and follow the rules,” Mackenzie said in a interview with WLNS.

In the book Mackenzie talks about what most kids her age have been experiencing like going to school via Zoom classes. Like many kids, she's missing her friends and being able to see them.

"I wanna go back to school every day, even on the weekends! I can’t wait to see all my friends! But no matter the place, my friends are always close to my heart,” she said.

Mackenzie also uses the book to spread some awareness of good COVID-19 practices such as how long to wash your hands and how socially distancing can prevent you from getting sick. She also has some advice for parents, straight from the heart of a child, saying,

“Ask your child about their day, cook meals together, let your child know everything is going to be alright".

‘My New Normal” is available now on Amazon. 

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