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Downtown East Lansing has had a pretty rough go of it during the pandemic. There was that thing about Harper's being the epicenter of a super spreader event.

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Credit WNEM TV5 Via YouTube
Credit WNEM TV5 Via YouTube

And the worst case scenario has indeed begun to unfold. Because people who visited Harper's returned home and spread it to someone in their community. Drastically effecting the numbers almost 100 miles away. And mind you, this is just the story in one community.

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We went full on masks inside and outside Downtown EL.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

East Lansing Police pulling over one particular group of people especially.

Data from the East Lansing Police Department showed African-American residents in East Lansing were almost three times more likely to be pulled over by police than Caucasians. (WLNS)

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Police DUI Nigh Time Checkpoint. Police Cruiser Lights Closeup Photo.

So suffice it to say now that we have warmer weather, a vaccine or three, a Study Commission talking to the city council about police oversight, facemask mandates and more being's time to see if we can put a positive spin on things and bring folks back downtown to East Lansing.

And this is a start.

Say hello to Albert ELfresco

Starting the first week of June, a portion of Albert Street is going to get shut down and a bold new initiative is going to start.

It's being billed as "a new pilot pedestrian-friendly area" with seating, lighting, programming, music, and more. And as noted above it will be on Albert Ave. between Abbott and M.A.C.

Click on the map below for a better look of the area that's going to be affected.

While the project might cause the loss of some parking spaces, access to businesses and homes shouldn't be a factor.

And this isn't an invite to walk around with open cocktails in hand unless you're at a business that serves adult beverages.

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