If you are looking for a nice night out, but keeping social distance, then this drive in movie is for you. With movie theaters being closed, it has been 4 months since I saw a movie in theaters and I miss it. I miss seeing a movie on a large screen instead of my television at home. But I mostly miss having a large box of popcorn to eat during the movie too. If you like me also miss seeing a movie on the big screen then this drive in movie happening in downtown Lansing will give you the feeling of that, you will just have to bring your own popcorn.

The drive in is happening this Saturday July 18th, at the corner of Capitol Avenue and Washtenaw Square. It will only be $10 a car, but after you pay and park you can watch Oscar nominated and the culturally influential movie “Do the Right Thing.” The movie is going to begin after sundown, or at 9:30pm, but the lot will open at 8:45pm.

The lot isn't that big so if you are interested in going you will have to get passes in advance. You can get them here. The lot only holds 40 cars, so if you want to go you will have to hop on this. Advance tickets will help with creating parking spots as well as help to keep social distance.

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