It's hard to even come up with the words to start this.

Fear, anger, confusion, and uncertainty is ruling us right now.

From being cooped up inside and not knowing how long the pandemic is going to last and how that's affecting everyone to now this.

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A week ago today, on a holiday we were supposed to be celebrating those who gave all for this country, we witnessed another horrible act of police brutality.

And I'll say this before you get mad at that last statement. One bad apple does not spoil the bunch. There are some amazing police officers out there. And they have spoken up and don't approve of what happned.

And I'll say this too. Not all protesters are bad. What starts off as peaceful protests by folks who are legitimately searching for answers and speaking up, turns bad by a couple of bad apples and the folks that follow them. They are angry and want action and want to show that they are upset and won't take it anymore.

I am African American. I understand. I don't agree with destroying our own neighborhoods and other people's property. But I know where this anger comes from. Again, I understand but I don't agree. The bible says be angry but sin not. That's my two cents on it and this article is not about the protests and looting and...because I can't solve that in a couple of paragraphs. And we all know what has got us here.

There was what started out as a peaceful protest in downtown Lansing on Sunday. It turned ugly and things got out of hand as it has all across this country.

So this morning, after the curfew and destruction, we have a city to cleanup. And Downtown Lansing would truly like your help.

...we invite our community to gather with the Downtown Lansing Inc. team beginning at 9:30 am, as we combine forces and help organize corridor clean-up efforts! Please bring your gloves, masks, brooms, shovels, trash bags and other cleanup materials. (Downtown Lansing)

It all starts at 9:30 am. Address is 401 S. Washington Sq. Please help if you can. Let's heal together. That's the only way we're going to get through all of this.

And pray. Please pray. Always remember, GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL. Even in the face of all this fear, hurt, and anger.

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