The Big Game is Sunday, which means snacks and of course....guac! Except our love of avocados and guac has caused a lot of injuries over the years. According to, 50,413 avocado-related knife injuries occurred from 1998 to 2017, with more than half of them happening since 2013. So this is a problem.

What is causing all of these injuries? It's something called Avocado Hand. Avocado Hand is when you're slicing your avocado to make some guac, you try to remove the avocado pit with a carving knife and you cut your hand. It results in thousands of injuries every football season as people cut their hands because they have their fingers wrapped around the avocado while trying to remove the pit. This has resulted in over 8,000 visits to the ER in 2018. There aren't numbers for 2019, but it's probably around the same rate.

So how do you remove an avocado pit safely? First you will want to have a cutting board and place the avocado on there. Then you will slice it on the diameter, turning as you go. You will do this again but rotate the avocado at 90 degrees, and make the exact same cut, turning the avocado as you slice it around the center. After you make the cut, the avocado naturally falls apart into even wedges at this point, and you can remove the pit with your hand. You will never have to remove the pit with a knife again, and you really shouldn't anyway.

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