So with gas prices going up you may want to start saving money at the pump and there are a few simple things to do.

First you may want to change up what day and time you head to the pump. According to WILX and Gasbuddy the day that you buy gas could be the reason you are paying so much. According to a study from Gasbuddy, the cheapest day to buy gas is on Monday, so if you are one of the people that buys gas Monday morning before work every week then drivers save upwards of $2 billion a year. According to that study again, the worst day to buy gas is on Friday as pumps and gas stations tend to raise their prices on Thursday or before the weekend.

Also here are some other notes to know, the best time to go and get gas is early, between 7am - 10am. This early time might also be good as you will get to fill you tank before prices go up.

If you want some help in finding the cheapest gas in our area you can use the Gasbuddy app or website here.  


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