We're all itching for new, fun things to do in the new year and local businesses are itching to have some new customers so we looked to Lansing listeners to find out where some great "hidden gems" are.

This time last year, I was starting out on a crusade to get out and explore fun things in Lansing with suggestions from all of you.

Admittedly, after going to a new coffee shop a day for a week straight, I realized my work was cut out for me and I took a break....then Corona hit and getting out and exploring just couldn't happen.

Now, stores and other fun places are allowed to be open and all you have to do is make sure you have a mask and bust your butt to get there!

The hustle and bustle of the holidays are over and now it is a time to focus on yourself and set goals for the new year, one of those could be to get out and find things in your own community you wouldn't even think you would enjoy until you see for yourself!

Here are a few hidden gems around Lansing people were willing to unearth and share with the rest of us:

12 Hidden Lansing-Area Gems

See any of these gems you want to check out for yourself? It truly is wonderful that people are willing to share their favorite spots so everyone else may enjoy them too!

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