With COVID-19 sticking around for "Spooky Season", getting our treats with some extra tricks might look a bit different this year.

Haunted houses are funny because you actually pay money to spend however long being terrified. It's not like scary movies, with those the monsters are trapped behind a screen. With haunted houses, the terrors are right there in front of you and can get as close as they want.

I love haunted houses but then there are times where I'm halfway through one wishing it would be over already. I once had to go to a haunted house in Grand Rapids for the radio station only to make an absolute fool of myself when I ran out screaming at the end because some clowns (my biggest fear) were chasing us with chainsaws.

What if there was a way to get that same level of fear but with a bit more distance? Something between you and, say, chainsaw-wielding clowns.

Did you know haunted drive-throughs are a thing?

Last year, one version of a drive-through haunting was going around the internet that looked pretty damn cool, a haunted car wash!

Now, this seems like a cool idea any Halloween season, but Halloween 2020? It's perfect!

This one is right around where I grew up and what is nice is it looks like they have options for anyone's comfort-level.

I would absolutely LOVE to do a haunted drive-through! Partly because it sounds pretty unique and I do have a fondness for haunted houses but also because if I get to the point I'm sick of it, I can just hide in my car and know that we could peel on out if we wanted.

Okay, so maybe you can't just peel out...because y'know, safety and stuff, but you get what I mean!

There are plenty of haunted houses and attractions in the Lansing area, maybe see if any have drive-through options!

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