I have two cats living with me currently, and I have had at least two cats living with me since I wan born. As you can tel,l I have a bias, but I do have a dog so I'm not just a cat owner. Now if you are thinking "should I get a cat?" Yes you should and here's why.

  1. Cats are cheap. One cat costs about a dollar a day or less depending on what food you buy them. I give my two cats dry food and a bag of it is $13 and it gets them fed for at least a month.
  2. Cats mostly sleep. No less than seven naps a day for a cat. They do sleep more than half the day but they are always ready for their 3am stampede around the house.
  3. Cats are easily entertained. Do you have a window? That is all a cat needs for hours of entertainment. Plus there are tons of cats toys for cheap. The easiest and cheapest toy is to take a piece of aluminum foil and crumple it into a ball and that will keep a cat going for a while.
  4. Cats can help around the house. You will never have a mouse or a rat problem with a cat. If they don't catch the mouse, and who wants a dead mouse in their house, they will scare any rodent from coming into your place.
  5. Cats are hilarious. Cats are so goofy and have no shame. Cats fall off things in the funniest ways and they don't care. Plus if you have a laser pointer or any small light, they will chase it, and bring you minutes and hours of laughs.
  6. Cats are loyal, it just takes time. My girlfriend has two cats and when I started to see her (and them) it took the cats a few interactions before they trusted me. Once they trusted me they started to interact with me and sleep next to me and like to be near me.

Hopefully some of those reasons helped you decide on getting a cat and this weekend is a good time to do that. The Ingham County Animal Shelter is holding their Caturday Saturdays where they hope to get all of their cats, especially the ones that have been in the shelter for a while, to a forever home.

Caturday Saturday is happening this Saturday from 10am to 5:30pm at the Ingham County Animal Shelter (600 Buhl St., Mason). The shelter is offering $25 adoption fees for adult cats and kittens. Any cat six years old and cats that have been at the shelter for more than two months are free.

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