The Capital Area Humane Society is always helping, housing, and getting animals adopted, but this week they saved some lives. The Capital Area Humane Society (CAHS) is a no-kill shelter which is a great thing because they do everything in their power to keep pets alive and get new homes. Not all shelters around the country are like this and often have to euthanize cats and dogs for various reasons unless another shelter steps in to take them. This is something that the Capital Area Humane Society did this week.

There were 19 dogs that were going to be euthanized due to one of the dogs having health issues and the shelter where they were had no room for them. The CAHS stepped up and took all of them in and boy are they cute! There are 10 puppies along with the mother that were moved from an overcrowded shelter in Oklahoma to the CAHS. The mother has some skin issues but should be available for adoption in a few weeks. The puppies will be available soon as they need to be spayed or neutered, but after that they will be available for a forever home.

The summer is often hard for shelters as most puppies and kittens are born in the summer. This results in overcrowding, so if you are looking to adopt a new dog or cat then check out your local shelter.

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