As someone whose favorite time of the year is basically September through December, I look forward to fall as kind of a mental "reset" sandwiched between the busyness of summer and the holidays.

It's a time for us to adjust from the annoying heat of summer.

Now, it is not that I hate summer, I just get sick of it. It is so fun at first and I love soaking up the sun but after a while, I just want to wear jeans or wear my favorite jean jacket without almost having a heat stroke.

In fact, I wrote a whole thing about why I was getting sick of summer, CLICK HERE to find that little diddy!

Fall is just full of all kinds of fun and the crisp air just does something for your soul.

My best friends Kennedy and Ashlyn both love Halloween and always have the best decorations which inspire me to step up my game too! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and it is just the epitome of what fall is all about.

Here are just a few reasons fall is good for you and your mental health:

Reasons Fall Is Good For Your Mental Health

September is National Suicide Prevention Month which is why we should be having open and honest conversations about mental health.

Of course, mental health is important all of the time but, at least in my opinion, fall is the perfect time to sit back, relax and take care of yourself.

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Here are some more things you can add to your list of things that you can get out and do this fall!

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