We make a lot of cereal in Michigan, but what is our favorite? It might surprise you.

This past Saturday, March 7th was National Cereal Day, and I wanted to find out what is Michigan's favorite cereal. To find this out I went to foodandwine.com, which has a list of each state's favorite according to the amount of Google searches. Michigan's favorite might surprise you because it is a cereal which was brought back recently.....Oreo O's. Yes Oreos cereal is Michigan's favorite, because I guess a lot of people remembered it from years ago or maybe people wanted to search it before they bought it. Whatever the reason Oreo O's is Michigan's favorite cereal, so next time you are in the cereal aisle look for a box of it and see if interests you.

You can see what other states chose as their favorite here, and close to a dozen other states also chose Oreo O's so maybe we were all curious about it. But if I had to pick a favorite cereal I'd go classic and choose Frosted Flakes. You can tell us your favorite cereal by clicking "Chat" on our app, a link for the app is below.

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