I have a very serious question that I feel deserves a serious answer. And from what I've seen on various Lansing and Michigan-centric Facebook groups, I'm not the only one who's fired up about this particular topic.

All right...here we go...

Waffle House

Is Michigan ever going to get a Waffle House?

I'm deadly serious y'all.

Will Michigan Ever Get a Waffle House?

I'm not alone on this.

On both, the delicious Lansing Foodies Facebook group and the informative Lansing Area - Past, Present, & Future (The Original) group, Lansing area residents have made their feelings known about wanting a Waffle House to open in Michigan. Even more specifically, the Lansing area, duh.

I swear the mere mention of Waffle House has Michiganders salivating. This seems to be the mountain that many are willing to die on.

These Waffle House advocates love this popular southern breakfast chain for a number of reasons; its food is consistently good, affordable, and they're open 24-hours, to name a few.

I had the pleasure of dining there exactly once, but I will never forget it. The server was incredibly nice, the hashbrowns bowl was crispy and delicious, and it was super affordable. Plus, my now-husband and I had just gotten done celebrating my birthday and, unbeknownst to me, a proposal and engagement as well, so you could say that we enjoyed a few adult beverages the night before and were in need of some good diner-style food to help cure our hangovers. And a delicious, diner-style breakfast it was, and it was perfect in every way.

Restaurants That Should Come to Michigan

Right now, the closest Waffle House to Michigan is one located in Toledo, Ohio. I guess if you really wanted Waffle House, you could go to Ohio, but what Michigander really wants to do that? It would just be a whole lot easier if we had one in our part of town.

I went to the Waffle House website to see if they had any news about coming to Michigan. They didn't have anything specific, but this isn't the first time someone has come to the website looking for answers, because I found this in the FAQ section. The question asked when and where Waffle House planned on opening new spots. Here's what they had to say;

Currently we have restaurants in 25 states.  While we don’t disclose our growth plans, we are always opening new restaurants.  If we haven’t gotten to you yet, just wait.  Hopefully, we will be in your market one day soon.

Hopefully, Michigan is on the "sooner" rather than "later" journey.

While we wait for Waffle House to come to Michigan, there are some other restaurants Lansing area residents would like to see come to town. Take a look at the list below.

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