A vacation on Mackinac Island is the best. Even with all the "fudgies" walking and biking around, the idyllic island is the perfect getaway for relaxation and decompression. So, what would you do? Bike? Take a buggy around the island? Hike? Horseback ride? Eat! Or, how about fight a fire!

Fox 17 reported a West Michigan firefighter was vacationing on Mackinac Island this past weekend, when a fire broke out. What did he do? He jumped into action.

South Kalamazoo County Fire Authority said the firefighter didn’t hesitate to lend a hand when the home caught fire.

Check this photo out.

South Kalamazoo County Fire Authority/Fox17

The firefighter can be seen with a hose line in hand helping out with a defensive attack until more help could arrive. The unnamed firefighter then hooked up the hydrant for the aerial stick to help get the fire under control.

The home was the historic Brigadoon Cottage, next to the Yacht Club on Main Street, and close to the Island House. It's a beautiful private home, that is going to need a bit of repair.

The Mackinac Island Fire Department said the fire is under investigation, but it is not suspicious in any way. There obviously was severe damage to the third floor. Fortunately, no one was injured and none of the surrounding buildings were damaged.

Becky Weaver/Fox17

Oh, and, yes, they did have fire trucks on the island, and they were not horse drawn! Sure, you never see motorized vehicles on the island, only horses. That's the charm of Mackinac Island, But, hey, if there is a fire, I'm pretty sure a modern fire truck is the answer!


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