Social media in the small southwest Michigan city of Dowagiac lit up Saturday afternoon May 7 during Kentucky Derby coverage when a horse named after the city raced.

The horse, dubbed Dowagiac Chief does indeed have ties to Cass County. Here's how it got to the derby.

The horse is owned by Cassopolis area businessman Mike McLauchlin, a principal in K&M Machine-Fabricating which makes components for the mining, defense and energy sectors.

The name Dowagiac Chief connects to the city's rich Pokagon heritage and the fictional Chief Doe-Wah-Jack, an advertising icon created for Round Oak Stoves, make in the city.

Watch Dowagiac Chief in action

Here's the race from the 2022 Kentucky Derby Saturday. Dowagiac Chief ran in the 10th race, the American Turf Stakes showcasing 3-year-olds. He takes an early lead but drifts back late and falls far out of the money. Chief went into the race at 13-1. Those who know how tricky the pronunciation of the city can be, you'll enjoy the mangling of the name.

Here's a race that Dowagiac Chief did take a race in September of '21 at Kentucky Downs.

Here's the call of Dowagiac Chief in the 2022 Jeff Ruby Stakes, held in April about a month before the Derby. The horse finishes 4th just out of the money and still can't get any love on the correct pronunciation of his name.

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